domingo, 14 de outubro de 2007

Left at the old location

Teacher, Sara Galbraith, herself studied with Dr Pamela Dickens Alves here in Manaus, and took IGCSEs. Afterwards she studied at a University in Manaus. Today she is the form teacher of years 1b and 2a. These students are 7-8 years old and have parents who are Koreans, Australians, Americans and Brazilians. Some of her students have learned to read and write this year. This will now be the 'baby' class at the old location.

This house is in Marina Tauá, about 5km from the Estrada de Turismo, in a quiet neighbourhood, surrounded by trees and birds. The school began to rent it in September 2006. It has 8 classrooms, and houses students from 7 years until 18 years old. It also has a swimming pool and students take weekly lessons. There are roughly 75 students at this location.

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