sábado, 13 de outubro de 2007

New Start

Monday 15th October, the four classes: Nursery 1 (9 students), Nursery 2 (7 students), Reception (9 students) and Year 1a (12 students) will begin in their new building on Estrada de Turismo. This is a much more accessible location, and the building is well suited for the younger children. We are expecting the move to generate more interest in the neighbourhood for parents with younger children.

In this section of the school the students learn to use their English while playing, and then move on to learning their letters and to read and write in both English and Portuguese (if that is what their parents want for them). We have students in Year 1a who have been in the school for 3 years (now 5 years old, almost 6 years). They speak fluently, and are reading and writing in both languages.

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